Innovations bridge
A platform for collaboration between japanese and russian enterpreneurs and investors
Create successful business cases in the technology and investment areas, strengthen the startup ecosystem and expand expertise on the technological, legal and tax cooperation between Russia and Japan.

In 2017 the amount that Japanese investors invested in venture capital firms amounted to $ 1.31 billion, 1279 investment transactions were carried out, which is 7 times more than in Russia. The founders of the association see the need from the Japanese venture capital in the search for reliable investments in Russia.

Also, the Japanese market is one of the most favorable for new technologies, which makes it possible to scale up Russian developments, opening up a new market for them.
Pulsar Venture Capital
Pulsar Venture Capital is an international early-stage venture capital fund and startup acceleration program with a main office in Kazan, Russia and presence in Dublin, Ireland, Silicon Valley, California, Dubai, UAE and Singapore. Pulsar VC invests in early-stage startups with global and cross-regional opportunities focusing on disruptive companies in blockchain/cryptocurrency, IT, hardware, and advanced materials.
SAMI LLC. is a Russian-Japanese accelerator, performing as a unique platform for connecting IT-spheres of Russia and Japan. The company deals with the comprehensive research of the Russian and Japanese markets, organizes major events, as well as conducts project management.
Skylight Consulting Inc.
SKYLIGHT Consulting inc. is a large Japanese consulting company dealing with market research and strategy development. Among company's clients are manufacturing and telecommunication corporations. Apart from the main activities, for more than 10 years SKYLIGHT has been dealing with venture investing and has its own business-incubator.
What we do
Provision of reliable and up-to-date information about the economic markets of Russia and Japan.
Technology transfer
Technology transfer between Russia and Japan
For companies
Support for making contracts and the strengthening of partnerships between Russian and Japanese companies.
For startups and investors
Comprehensive support to start-ups and investors when entering new markets.
Japan Bootcamp
an intensive business-program for Russian IT-startups searching for an opportunity to enter the Japanese/Asian market.
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